About Us

About Us:



Founder/Student Organizer: Hope Petraro

Hope Petraro is an activist and sophomore at Montpelier High School. When she’s not engaging in politics or social and climate justice, she’s likely playing the violin, studying, playing soccer, drawing, or eating brunch with friends.

Teacher Organizer: Heather McLane

Heather McLane teaches social studies at Montpelier High School and facilitates Club Action, a student activism club. Before landing in Montpelier, Heather taught in the Philippines, Thailand, Boston, and Portland, Oregon. She also lived in Sri Lanka and Maine after growing up on Cape Cod. When she is not trying to get her students to engage in local and global issues, she can usually be found playing with her six year old.

Organizer: Henry Harris (Hambone)

Hambone has been a dad for around 13 years, and an organizer in direct action and social justice movements for around 20 years. He lives in Plainfield and organizes with the Make the NLG, and the Brand New VT Climate Union.

Student Organizer: Faith Bolques

Faith Bolques is a sophomore at Montpelier High School. She was born in the Virgin Islands, and has lived in multiple states throughout her life, but has been in Vermont for the last ten years. She enjoys reading, writing, spending time with her friends, and participating in her school’s theatre group.

Student Organizer: Izzy Maine-Torres


Student Organizer: Joelyn Mensah